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We recently had a visit from Siobhan Calafiore from the Weekly Review. Here’s what she had to say about Miss Spartan classes…

The promise
Held in a scout hall in Mont Albert, Miss Spartan’s group fitness classes are family-friendly and focus on promoting active and healthy living. On alternate weekday mornings, instructor Michelle Smith runs high-intensity boxing and metafit (interval training), while a mega class runs on Sundays.

The reality
On my to-do list of sports, boxing is right at the top so I’m more than keen to attempt my first session. Because I’m a newbie, I arrive 15 minutes early to learn the basics. Michelle runs me through jabs, hooks and upper cuts, and as it nears the start of class I’m getting the hang of it.

We begin the session with a warm-up run and then it’s straight to business with non-stop boxing, strength and cardio for the next 45 minutes. In pairs, we work our way through combinations and take it in turns to wear the gloves or focus pads.

It feels so good to release all that pent-up energy through quick, powerful jabs but I really start to struggle when squats and push-ups are thrown into the mix. The supportive and fun environment, along with Michelle’s encouragement, helps me to push on.

The pay-off
The group fitness class is full of positive vibes. Maybe it’s all those endorphins or that sense of accomplishment after a challenging workout, but I can’t think of a better way to start the day.

The pain factor
My arms feel a bit like jelly by the end of it and I’m not so sure I’ll be able to lift them tomorrow.

Who should try it?
Flexible enough to suit all skill and fitness levels.

The bill?
A 10-class pass is $120; casual classes are $15 each.

Would I do it again?
You betcha – boxing is everything I hoped it would be!
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