Move for Movember

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It’s time to take the Move Challenge for Movember and support our men. Movember is the only charity tackling mens’ health on a global scale, year round. Movember supports some of the biggest health issues faced by men; prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health and suicide prevention.

The Move Challenge is designed to get you moving! You can run, walk, cycle or swim. Challenge yourself by pledging a ‘move’ goal and then keep yourself accountable by posting your progress in the private Miss Spartan Movember Challenge group. For every 100kms posted, Miss Spartan will donate $10 to Movember. The goal is to reach $500.

As an added incentive to support mens’ health; during the month of November, all men training at Miss Spartan will also train FREE!

This challenge is open to anyone from anywhere in the world! Pass along the details to your friends and lets all get ready to MOVE!

P.S: We would also love to see any photos of men growing their ‘mo’ for this cause!

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