Michelle & Jess, tame the beast!

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Article from the Whitehorse Leader, December 2019

Trainers show true grit to stay the course and tame the Beast

Two Whitehorse mums are among just seven women who have managed to conquer the 50km Ultra Beast Spartan Race 2018.

They were able to beat the 13-hour time limit to run 50km along a trail while tackling 60 obstacles, including barbed wire crawls, river crossings and rope climbs.

Thirty seven women entered the challenge and only seven achieved the medal.

The mums travelled to Bright for the race on November 18 after intense preparation.

Mont Albert’s Michelle Smith said the pair undertook 12 training sessions each week for more than five months to build their muscular endurance. And they had to fit their strict regime around their work and their families — both have children under 10.

Mrs Smith runs group fitness business Miss Spartan, and Box Hill’s Jess Phan is one of its trainers. Mrs Smith said they would often get up to train at 4am before coaching their fitness classes at 6am. Mrs Phan was a client of Mrs Smith’s business before she acquired her personal training accreditation and got on board as a trainer.

While the pair are naturally into fitness, Mrs Smith said they wanted to prove that if they committed to something huge and extraordinary and worked for it, it could be achieved. She said it was undoubtedly the hardest challenge she’d ever done.

They run family-friendly fitness classes in Mont Albert, Surrey Hills and Balwyn.

They want parents to able to fit exercise into their routines, encouraging them to bring the children along, even offering trainers for children and teens.