Welcome to Miss Spartan

I’m Michelle, a Mum to two gorgeous kids and basically, I just love all things fitness!

I have been training consistently for the past 5 years and before that was always dabbling in something sport related. I have loved seeing the changes in my body, that consistent training and good nutrition brings (though I do confess that I still have a big weakness for chocolate and lolly snakes!)
It’s a great feeling to be stronger, more motivated and to have more energy to keep up with the kids. It has also been incredible to take on and conquer challenges I never thought possible. In 2015 I completed a double trifecta in Spartan races; 6 races of varying lengths in one calendar year. I can now also say I love running (I can’t believe I just said that!).
My biggest passion is to motivate and to see people moving. Whether it be walking, running, lifting weights, boxing or anything in between…to just be moving and being active is a privilege and I believe, a priority.
Miss Spartan welcomes guys and girls and you are also very welcome to bring along the kids – what a great way to show them that active living is a priority in your life.
Come along and try out a class; they will be varied with a bit of boxing, running, HIIT and strength training. Most importantly, we will have a lot of fun doing them! Please feel free to send me a message or give me a call should you have any questions. I look forward to meeting you at Miss Spartan!

Miss Spartan Trainers



I am a wife and mum of three kids who has spent many years as a lawyer.  In 2016 I took a break from my corporate life and after having my third child, decided to take my interest in leading a fit and healthy lifestyle one step further by completing my fitness qualification.  I am now a qualified fitness instructor and have specific certification in Boxing, Metafit and Metapwr.  I love to motivate clients to push that little bit more and come away from a workout feeling strong in the body and mind.  In my own training, I do strength workouts, boxing classes and complete the Metafit, Metapwr and other HIIT workouts.  I also enjoys running; having completed a few half marathons, and in the 2017 Harvest Run, was the second female to cross the line (although I was running for wine!)



FITNESS is a huge part of my life and it is the thing that keeps me HAPPY and HEALTHY as i raise 3 school aged children. I have always been active; playing competitive team sports as a child and teenager (and continuing to feed my competitive spirit in indoor netball now as an adult) so it was this love of being active that drove me to change my career and become a personal trainer.
I am totally addicted to the classes at Miss Spartan now and so excited to be able to encourage and motivate others on their fitness journeys! I believe being fit and healthy is the best thing you can do for yourself and your family!!!!


I started my professional career as a player with the Collingwood Football Club. Major injuries eventually curtailed a promising football career but consequently, I built a solid understanding of the human body. Those many months of rehabilitating from the injuries gave me an opportunity to train and learn from some of the top strength and conditioning coaches, physiotherapists, boxing and running coaches.
For over 10 years I have helped many people change their lives through his movement & lifestyle coaching and personal training. I encourages all my clients, friends, family and the general public to adopt a lifestyle with lots of movement, real food, constant learning, mindful practises and quality rest. I pride myself on being an expert in human movement, physical exercise and nutrition. An enthusiasm for the paleolithic idea of food and movement lead me to create a food brand called Patch, which consists of Patch cafe and Patch Express. Both serving sustainable, healthy food.



A busy mum of 3; personal trainer; boxing fitness trainer; wife; friend; Manager of Butterfly Fitness Protein; Butterfly Fitness Studios Balwyn North & Red Hill; Butterfly Retreats; Spartan Warrior; Miss Spartan Coach and peanut butter addict.
Finding fitness after becoming a mother is hard work, as any parent can attest to.  Finding fitness after illness and surgery? Sometimes it feels almost impossible to know where to start and how to find a way back to feeling strong, healthy and whole again.
Finding a love of strength and fitness helped me to recover from multiple surgeries and radiation treatment after a Thyroid Cancer diagnosis back in 2012.  A combination of boxing; kettlebells and strength training has led me to a passion for functional fitness, and finding fun, yet effective ways to help people fall in love with mobility, movement and strength; all in a private and nurturing environment away from big crowds of sweaty, grunty selfies at the gym or countless other cliched fitness scenarios that can be intimidating and off putting.